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User Research courses

May 16th &17th 2019
10AM -5 pm


May 25th &26th 2019
10AM -5 pm


About our courses

Hands-on User Research courses where you will learn practical skills to apply straight away

Work through case studies of real UX projects, and learn how to apply and conduct research methods through practical exercises.

Small groups in a collaborative, fun and relaxed atmosphere, where everyone gets a chance to ask questions.


who are the courses for?

Our courses are aimed at digital professionals who need to understand and apply UX methods to gain insights on digital products to drive Digital Transformation:

  • Junior User Researchers
  • Content Designers
  • Product Owners / Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Scrum Masters
  • Developers
  • Interaction Designers
  • Marketers
  • Anyone who wants to become a User Researcher (Psychologists, Anthropologists, etc.)

“Well organised and informative yet fun and sociable way to pick up some new skills and contacts”


WHY professionals take our courses

We are a team of Developers, Testers and Business Analysts building an in House solution for our fabulous clinician workers to support their job In patient care.

Understanding the user and the user needs is not just something we want to do, having an intuitive electronic health record means vital data is presented in context within the clinical setting. It can mean life and death.

Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust

As a designer, I work closely with user researchers, and I am often invited to observe testing sessions. Understanding user research can help me communicate better with my users and understand their pain points and needs.

The UX research methods course agenda is perfect for me to gain knowledge about the different ways we should communicate with users.

Freelance Content Designer

Students Testimonials

"If you've ever wanted to get an expert introduction to what UX and user testing really is but weren't sure where to start we'd recommend checking them out​. The course covered a range of subjects, everything from usability testing and user experience through to conducting user interviews and card sorting.​ "
Software Company
"Thank you UXSavvy for the good learning in such an energetic environment! 🙂 It was worth spending the weekend learning about UX Research and meeting such interesting people."
Emanuela Serra
Software Developer
"Great experience, great teachers, super practical and thoroughly recommended!"
Maria Martinez
Clinical Entrepreneur
"Knowledgeable, sociable, and above all great communicators. And that goes as much for the participants as it does for the course facilitators!"
Joanathan Moody
Content Designer

10 reasons why you should take our course

1. User Researchers
are in high demand

Organisations are increasingly realising the value of user experience in making them competitive. There is a high demand of UX people in the public sector as well. 

The government is extending the digital services as part of the Digital Transformation strategy, which is creating a new demand for a high number of user researchers. As a senior member put it  “the Government is UX hungry”.  

2. User Researchers' pay is lucrative

User Researchers (URs) are well paid because they bring high value to companies through their understanding of the clients / users.

Depending on the contract type and seniority level, URs can get up to £600 per day in the UK.

3. Our courses will help you stay ahead in UX

Our courses provide you with hands-on knowledge on UX Research. You will learn how to plan your research, the different methods you can use to conduct the research with users and work through real projects applying the learning.

In addition to practical exercises, our instructors will discuss theoretical aspects of research and design to provide you with a holistic understanding UX.

4. User research is for everyone in the UX team

As a UX Designer, understanding user research is important because designers and researchers work close together to understand and address user needs.

It is also important for everyone else in the team to understand what goes on behind the scenes when conducting user research.

5. You will learn how agile teams work

Most digital companies work (or aspire to work) agile, therefore, understanding this methodology is essential for people wanting to get into UX.

You will learn about the different research phases (discovery, alpha, beta, live) and how user experience research and design fits with each stage of development.

6. You will learn techniques to influence stakeholders

Influencing stakeholders is an important skill when working in UX. Engagement helps the development of the product but sometimes there can be conflicting needs (users and stakeholders).

Learn how to deal with such challenges to help you deliver your project successfully.

7. You will learn through practical user research tasks

You will work through case studies of real UX projects, and learn how to apply and conduct research methods through practical exercises.

You will work in small groups with other professionals in a fun and collaborative atmosphere.

8. You will get advice on how to kickstart your UX career

Your questions about UX career paths will be clarified. Our instructors will advise you on the areas you need to focus on to increase your offers for roles in UX.  

You will also tips on where to apply for jobs and how to go through an interview for a UR role. 

9. You will get materials and tools for UX 

Our students get a range of materials and tools (most of them free to use) that our instructors curated throughout their professional career. 

The resources will allow you to learn different methodologies in-depth, and will make your life easy when working in UX.

10. You will gain valuable professional connections

Come to our course to meet other like minded professionals, exchange tips and make new connections!

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